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AFL Round 1

Thursday MAR 21

7:25 pm





Parking alerts
Parking alerts

Last updated 8:07PM

Expected crowd 87,000

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AFL Reserve


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Gate 3: 7.00am mobility passholders

Gate 5: CLOSED

Gate 6: CLOSED

Gate 7: CLOSED

Other information

Estimated attendance


Car parking closed

For safety and security reasons, there will not be any public parking in Yarra Park. However, there will be a limited number of spaces available via Gate 3 for disability permit holders.

General admission seating

Ponsford Stand

Olympic Stand

Not available

Great Southern Stand

Q3-6 (Rows S-DD)
Q7-11 (Rpws V-DD)

It is strongly recommended that patrons purchase a reserved seat for this match.

Cheer squad locations

Carlton: M3 Rows A-VRichmond: M33 Rows A-S

Arrive early

Security measures such as bag checks and patron scanning will again be in place as fans make their way into the stadium.
This process will take time, so please be patient - and limit the number of bags you bring. Each bag will be inspected, so the more bags you bring the longer it will take.
It is recommended that fans arrive early, as those who arrive later may miss the teams run out and/or the start of the match.

Transport disruptions

For the latest news on disruptions to transport networks in Melbourne and to plan your journey to the ground, visit the PTV website.

Help us help you

Security and event staff are doing an important job, so please help them by co-operating at all times.
Be our eyes and ears: If you see something you think is suspicious, immediately inform event staff, a security guard or police.

MCG conditions of entry

Some items are not permitted inside the MCG. Please read our conditions of entry before attending.

Bicycle parking

Patrons are asked to refrain from locking their bicycle up on the MCG concourse, or in an area that is likely to cause an obstruction or is too close to congested queues or crowds of people.

Any bicycle deemed to meet the above criteria will be removed and stored inside the MCG for a patron to collect after the match.

There are approximately 130 bike hoops in Yarra Park, with most of those close to the concourse.

National Sports Museum and Tours

The National Sports Museum, located inside MCG Gate 3, will be open from 5.00pm-7.00pm for ticket holders (half-price entry).

MCG Tours will run during the day from 10.00am-1.00pm.

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