Yarra Park

Yarra Park is one of the main public parklands in Melbourne and is located within the city’s vibrant sports and entertainment precinct. It provides the setting for the MCG and nearby Punt Road Oval.

Yarra Park has a significant indigenous pre-history, and is also noted for both its landscape and sporting heritage, dating back to the 1850s. Included in this heritage, are the sporting statues that surround the MCG.

Like the stadium that adjoins it, Yarra Park is managed by Melbourne Cricket Club on behalf of the people of Victoria. MCC reports in to the Yarra Park Advisory Committee.

The Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility provides water for irrigation in the park, while a new Yarra Park Master Plan will provide a framework for the sustainable future use, management and renewal of the park to ensure its long term viability.

Yarra Park map

The MCC’s vision for Yarra Park sees the parkland being used by a variety of groups and individuals in a safe and reasonable manner. Here are just a few of them:

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