Non match day events

Non-match day events

Introducing MCG Events

The MCG is more than a stadium.
It's a special place.
A meeting place.
A place where greatness is created.

At MCG Events, thoughts stretch beyond the stadium – transforming this traditional meeting place into a more inclusive, connected and accessible location for your next business event or social celebration.

What you can expect to see at the 'G

Business at the ‘G
Cutting edge propositions for conferences and exhibitions that encourage movement, incorporate technology, and deliver innovative catering solutions.
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Celebrate at the ’G
For an epic event, host your next celebration at the G! We’ve made it easy for you to celebrate at one of the world’s most iconic stadiums, with a suite of curated experiences, especially designed to be memorable for you and your guests.
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Small can be epic
Curated experiences that activate small spaces and corporate suites.
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Quintessentially Melbourne
The food capital of Australia is celebrated across the MCG as the latest in culinary innovation and chef partners are on offer.
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Bespoke experiences
Extraordinary service and experiences are at the forefront as tailored events are created.
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Re-see the ‘G and celebrate your next event with MCG Events

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