Ticket Information

Tickets to all events at the MCG are sold through Ticketek, the only authorised seller for any MCG event.

The MCG has a total capacity of 100,024 (consisting of 95,000 seats and approximately 5000 standing room spaces).

Most events allow for patrons to pre-purchase reserved seats to guarantee entry. Any unsold seats are then available on the day of the event at the gate until sold out. 

Tickets sold at the venue on event days from the public gates are sold on a first-in, first-served basis. On some occasions, all seats are pre-sold as reserved seats and are all allocated prior to the event.

Each sport or event has its own specific seating arrangements. Each home team seating configuration impacts on what seats are sold to the general public on a match-by-match basis. Please consult the seating plan for a general overview of the ground’s seating areas.


For premium hospitality at the MCG for AFL and cricket, click here for more details.


Authorised ticket agency

Melbourne Cricket Club, together with its event partners, reminds fans that the only way to ensure they receive legitimate tickets and at the official sale price is to purchase via the MCG's authorised ticketing agency, Ticketek.

Fans who purchase tickets from unauthorised resellers risk paying too much and having their tickets to matches cancelled, which is why it is highly recommended to only purchase tickets to MCG matches from Ticketek.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy tickets to an event a the MCG. How can I do this?
Tickets to all events at the MCG are sold through Ticketek.

You can also purchase tickets to MCG matches through Ticketek via phone on 132 849 or visit an agency.

Tickets to some events, such as domestic cricket,can only be purchased on the day of the event at the MCG.

How do I find out where the Ticketek agencies are located?
Ticketek has a number of agencies across Australia, in capital cities and regional areas. To view the complete list of agencies, click here and select the state of your choice.

How much will it cost to purchase tickets?
Ticket prices for vary for each event held at the MCG. Prices are listed under each event on the Ticketek website.

Will my seat be located undercover?
It is difficult to accurately classify any seats at the MCG as "undercover" because even though there is a roof overhead in some sections of the ground, patrons cannot be guaranteed protection from the elements.

As a guide however, please refer the table on the following page which outlines where the drip line for each level lies.

I have a standing room ticket, how early do I need to arrive at the ground so I can see the match?
It is in your best interest to arrive as early as possible to guarantee a position in the front. Positions in standing room bays are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I bring a stool/cushion/portable chair to sit on while in the standing room bay?
No, these items are not permitted in standing room bays.

How many others will be in the standing room bay with me?
Standing room bays vary in capacities and thus it is dependent on which bay you have a ticket for. All bays have been measured according to building codes and standards.

What will my view of the ground be like with a restricted view ticket?
It depends on where your ticket is. However, most restricted view tickets allow for a majority of the playing surface to be seen and a scoreboard or television screen. Visit our find my seat page for more of an indication of your view (please note, this will not be the exact view from your individual chair).

Where are the general admission areas?
The general admission bays available can differ for every match based on numerous ticketing factors. The areas listed on the event information page are subject to change in the week leading up to, and on the day of the event.

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