Responsible Service of Alcohol

Responsible service of alcohol

MCG management is mindful of observing both the spirit and the letter of the law regarding its liquor licensing obligations.

Patrons are reminded that all Delaware North catering staff have the support of MCG management if service is refused.

Melbourne Cricket Club, as ground manager of the MCG, has always been aware of the issues and complications surrounding the provision of alcohol at the stadium.

To help ensure everyone attending the MCG has an enjoyable and safe time, MCG management and its hospitality partner, Delaware North, has introduced a range of strategies around the responsible supply and service of alcohol. These include:

  • prohibiting patrons from bringing alcohol into the ground.
  • ensuring that liquor licensing law is observed at all times.
  • not serving alcohol to under 18 year olds.
  • not serving intoxicated patrons.
  • all serving staff undergo a Responsible Serving of Alcohol training program.
  • low alcohol beer (0.5%) available from all bar areas at all times as well as free drinking water.
  • non-alcoholic drinks such as water and soft drinks available to purchase in all our food & beverage outlets.
  • specific areas of the ground are designated dry areas, with no alcohol allowed into the seating bowl.
  • MCC reserves the right to close bars early on all event days.

Of course for these efforts to work, the patrons of the MCG must also play their part.

Don’t Spoil the Sport

The Australian Drug Foundation has joined the MCG in its partnership with VicHealth to support the MCG's capacity as a health promoting venue, and has helped to develop a responsible alcohol message for the public, along with practical advice.

"Don't Spoil the Sport" reflects that the majority of the people attending the MCG just want to enjoy the sport and entertainment. It is a minority of patrons who, when they drink too much, sometimes spoil that enjoyment for other people. We are calling on the good old Aussie sense of fair play and are asking them to respect other people's right not to be negatively affected by alcohol. The messages being used are:

Play fair - your drinking can affect others: helping individuals realise that their choice to drink can impact on others.
Set a limit and keep your booze score low - getting people to think about their drinking and make decisions about how much they intend to drink.
Pace your drinking - have something to eat: helping people to slow down and spread out their drinking. The range of non- and low -alcoholic drinks and variety of food choices available at the MCG make this advice easy to follow.

These messages are displayed on the MCG scoreboard at regular intervals and on signage at bars and other serving areas.

More information on alcohol and advice on low-risk drinking can be found through the Australian Drug Foundation by calling 1300 85 85 84.