Parking schedule

Parking in Yarra Park costs $10 (cash) and all money is invested back into upkeep of the park.

Event day live updates

On MCG event days, the MCG homepage and event detail pages will feature live updates on the capacity of parking in Yarra Park.

Car park details
October 18Bring That Beat BackCar parking CLOSED 
October 20NBL: Melb Utd vs Perth Wildcats      
A-League: Melb City vs Adelaide Utd
October 23WWECar parking CLOSED 
October 25TYGACar parking CLOSED 
October 26NBL: Melb Utd vs NZ BreakersCar parking CLOSED 
October 29Shawn Mendes ConcertCar parking CLOSED 
October 30Shawn Mendes ConcertCar parking CLOSED 
October 31Shawn Mendes ConcertCar parking CLOSED 

Yarra Park map

Alternative Parking Options

Wilson Parking
11 Exhibition Street
28 Flinders Street
32 Flinders Street
172 Flinders Street
Federation Square

Federation Square
202 Flinders Lane

Le Garage
114 Flinders Street

On-Street Parking

Around the Botanical Gardens and along the Yarra River metered parking is available.

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